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Alpha Balance Beam Hot Air Stirling Engine External Combustion Engine Model

Alpha Balance Beam Hot Air Stirling Engine External Combustion Engine Model

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.Advanced α-Type Configuration: Our Stirling engine features an advanced α-type dual cylinder dual piston design, ensuring outstanding heat transfer efficiency. With separate hot and cold cylinders and stainless steel insulation between them, it delivers optimal performance.
.Dual Cylinder Dual Piston Design: With a vertical cylinder design, the engine benefits from enhanced overall heat absorption, as the cooling cylinder volume exceeds that of the heating cylinder. This promotes rapid air cooling at high temperatures, creating a greater temperature differential.
.Quiet and Smooth Operation: Enjoy the benefits of quiet and smooth operation. The dual piston system not only maximizes efficiency but also minimizes vibration, providing a serene and stable user experience.
.Durable Structure: Crafted from premium materials, our Stirling engine is engineered with precision and durability in mind. This ensures longevity and resilience, making it a reliable investment for those seeking long-lasting, efficient power solutions.
.Versatile Applications: From educational demonstrations to practical use, the α-type dual cylinder dual piston Stirling engine serves a wide range of purposes. It can be utilized as an excellent educational tool, captivating desktop ornament, or even a small-scale generator, catering to diverse interests and needs.
.Product Description: This is an α-type dual cylinder dual piston Stirling engine, without separate valve cylinders. Instead, a set of cylinders identical in structure to the cooling side cylinders participate in both heat exchange and work together. Due to the two sets of independent and identical cylinders, one side generates heat while the other side handles cooling, with both sets of cylinders generating power simultaneously.
Because of their complete independence, the two sets of cylinders exhibit a significant temperature difference. While the temperature on the heating side reaches up to 600 degrees Celsius, the temperature on the cooling side cylinders can maintain around 50 degrees Celsius after continuous operation for 20 minutes, resulting in a temperature difference of over 500 degrees Celsius, providing a sufficient and continuous power output source.
This engine utilizes 20mm power cylinders and 20mm stainless steel heating tubes on both sides. The heating tube on the heating side cylinder is notably longer than that on the cooling side, designed for optimizing compression ratio.
The connecting rods of the two sets of cylinders are not directly linked but connected via two sets of gear systems, with a gear ratio designed as 2:1. The crankshaft rotates at a speed of 1000r/min, while the 78mm diameter, 155g flywheel rotates at a speed of 2000r/min, contributing to the machine's stability through its powerful inertia.
To ensure smooth and quiet operation as much as possible, the entire engine employs 14 precision bearings.
In order to maximize the lifespan of the cylinders and pistons, GCR15 bearing steel is chosen as the raw material for cylinder liners and piston sleeves. After CNC lathe machining, they undergo quenching treatment to increase hardness to 58-62HRC, followed by grinding treatment with an accuracy of around ±0.005mm. The piston's reciprocating motion within the cylinder requires efficient sealing of the gas inside, which is a critical aspect reflecting the precision of the Stirling engine.
Featuring a large-sized flywheel, dual cylinder dual piston design, double gears, brass connecting rods, crankshaft, dual 10mm aluminum alloy brackets, and both sets of cylinders embedded with 2.5mm thick cylinder liners, the engine employs up to 30 bearings to ensure smooth and quiet operation.


.Name: Alpha-Type Dual Cylinder Dual Piston Stirling Engine Model
.Item: M20-T
.Material: Stainless Steel + Brass + Aluminium Alloy + Bamboo
.Form: Finished Version
.Inner Diameter of Heating Tube: 20mm
.Diameter of Piston: 20mm
.Piston Stroke: 20mm
.Flywheel Diameter: 78mm
.Pulley Diameter: 20mm
.Total Number of Bearings: 30
.Strat Mode: Manual Start
.Product Weight: 2.2kg
.Package Weight: 2.5kg
.Product Dimensions: 190 x 138 x 200mm
.Package Dimensions: 230 x 130 x 160mm
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 16+

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