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Flame Eater Vacuum Engine Stirling Wheel Tractor Model Vehicle Artwork

Flame Eater Vacuum Engine Stirling Wheel Tractor Model Vehicle Artwork

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Intricate Metal Structure: This captivating metal tractor model is powered by a flame eater vacuum engine and showcases exceptional craftsmanship with its intricate metal structure. Attention to detail in the design highlights our commitment to recreating a realistic miniature tractor.

Durable and Authentic: Constructed from high-quality metal, this durable and authentic metal model lends a genuine feel, restoring the sturdy characteristics of a real tractor. Its robustness ensures it can be played with and displayed without losing its charm.

Functional Highlights: Going beyond aesthetics, this metal tractor model incorporates functional highlights that add interactive elements to the experience. Featuring moving wheels, adjustable components, a switchable gearbox, and even an openable/closable hood cover provide hands-on engagement, sparking imaginative play.

Display-Worthy Design: With its polished surface and meticulous detailing, this metal tractor model is not just a toy but also a display-worthy piece. Its aesthetic appeal makes it suitable for collectors, enthusiasts, or as an elegant decor accent adding personality to any space.

Educational and Decorative: Beyond its gaming value, this metal tractor model carries educational significance and serves as a captivating decor piece celebrating the world of agriculture and engineering. Aspiring young farmers or those interested in mechanics can gain practical insights by exploring the tractor's parts and functions.

Operating Instructions:
(1) Shift the gear lever into neutral;
(2) Check the flexibility of the rotating flywheel;
(3) Ensure that the copper strip valve opens and closes when the flywheel is rotated;
(4) Lift the machine, rotate both rear wheels individually in neutral state;
(5) Rotate the steering wheel to inspect the steering mechanism.

(1) Choose a windless, flat surface;
(2) Lift the hood;
(3) Open the fuel tank cap and fill with fuel;
(4) Ignite the wick;
(5) Continuously rotate the flywheel to start the engine (when the temperature is below 10°C, moisture may condense in the cylinder, so rotate the flywheel continuously after igniting the wick for two minutes);
(6) Adjust the wick distance to reach the highest engine speed, and drop engine oil through the oil port;
(7) Lower the hood, shift the gear lever into forward gear, and let the model move.

.Material: Metal
.Engine Idle Speed Range: 500-2500r/min
.Product Weight: 1200g
.Package Weight: 1500g
.Product Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 12cm
.Package Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 15cm
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 16+

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