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16 Cylinder Stirling Engine Model Educational Toys

16 Cylinder Stirling Engine Model Educational Toys

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.The 16-cylinder Stirling engine model of this swash plate is mainly made of stainless steel, supplemented by brass, alloy aluminum and so on.
.The overall appearance is bright and tough, high-spirited, exquisitely conceived, stable and exquisite in operation, fierce and elegant, rigorous and free.
.The sound of the 16-cylinder swash plate, the whining of the propellers, the howling of the fire-distributor, and the direct flame of the fire-distributing nozzle form a "blue lotus".
.It is not only a technically sophisticated engine model, but also an industrial style artwork full of mechanical beauty.
.Operation Steps: (1) Blow clean the dust and dirt from the piston; turn the main shaft lightly to ensure that the piston, connecting rod, and swash plate mechanism are not stuck. (2) Connect the gas pipe and the butane gas tank, and open the gas valve switch. (3) Use a lighter to ignite at the tail and adjust the flame size to a suitable level. (It is recommended to run with small and medium flames. It is easy to bake the yellow tail hood when running on high fire for a long time, and the strong impact during high-speed operation will accelerate the wear of the swash plate connecting rod.) (4) Heating for about 1 to 3 minutes. (5) Turn the propeller to start the engine. (From the front view of the engine, turn it counterclockwise.) (6) Close the air valve to stop the engine.
.Cleaning and Maintenance: (1) The dust and dirt in small spaces such as pistons, connecting rods, swash plates, etc. can be blown off with a leather tiger or cleaned with a brush. (2) The body is made of stainless steel, which can be wiped with a soft cloth. (3) The edge of the tail cover is yellowish due to long-term fire roasting, which can be wiped and polished with the included silver cloth.
.Operation Precautions: (1) No lubricating oil should be added to the cylinder piston. (2) When handling the model, please hold the base or C-shaped support. Don't hold fragile parts such as trachea to avoid deformation or damage.
.Safety Tips: (1) Keep away from flammable and explosive materials during ignition operation. (2) When indoor ignition is running, pay attention to opening windows for ventilation, as exhaust gas is harmful to health. (3) After ignition and within a period of flameout, the temperature of the tail cover is high, please do not touch it to prevent burns. (4) During operation, all parts of the body should not be close to the propeller to prevent injury. (5) Adult supervision is required when children are operating.
.For Crowd: 14+


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal + Glass + Plastic + Beech
.Bore Diameter: 12.7mm
.Stroke: 18mm
.Speed: Around 1800rpm(High speed)
.Fuel: Liquefied butane gas
.Product Weight: 2180g
.Package Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 30cm
.Package Weight: 2700g
.Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

.1 x Stirling Engine
.1 x C-shaped Support
.1 x Support Gasket
.1 x Base
.1 x Propeller
.1Set x Butane Gas Pipe + Cylinder Relief Valve + Cylinder Adapter
.1 x Socket Wrench
.3 x Hexagonal Wrench
.8 x Swash Plate Counter Shaft (Spare)
.2 x Silver Cleaning Cloth
.1 x Manual

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