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2 Cylinder Stirling Engine Electricity Generator with Bulb

2 Cylinder Stirling Engine Electricity Generator with Bulb

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The 2 Cylinder Stirling Engine Generator is a captivating and educational piece perfect for your desk. Its impressive design and functionality make it a great conversation starter and a fascinating decorative item. Watch the amazement on people's faces as this engine comes to life and lights up a bulb, providing a charming display of mechanical ingenuity.

Key Features:

Physical Science DIY Kit:This model features a 2 Cylinder Stirling Engine, functioning as a physical motor heat power electricity generator. It's an external combustion engine model kit, perfect for hands-on learning and experimentation.

Working Theory:Operating similarly to an internal combustion engine, the burning alcohol lamp provides the necessary heat to expand the gas inside the cylinders. This expansion increases the internal pressure, driving the flywheel. The flywheel's movement converts heat energy into mechanical work, demonstrating the principles of thermodynamics.

Educational Value:Ideal for classroom or laboratory experiments, this Stirling engine model serves as an excellent teaching aid. It helps cultivate children's interest in physics, offering a more intuitive and easy-to-understand explanation of energy conversion and mechanical work.

Great Gift Idea:This model makes a unique and thoughtful gift for friends, family, or any science enthusiast. Its intriguing operation and educational value make it suitable for various occasions.

1, After using it, please let the engine natural cool. Don't touch the alchohol burner, burned tube or the metal to avoid scald.
2, 95% alcohol (self-prepared) should be used in the operation. Water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter oil, and liquor should not be added.
3, The Stirling engine model is suit for people over 14 years old. Operate under adults' supervision.

Item name: 2 Cylinder Stirling Engine
Material: Metal + Plastic + Glass
Product Dimensions: 16*8.7*8.3cm
Product Weight: 375g
Package Dimensions: 17.5*9.5*11.5cm
Package Weight: 400g
Packing: Box

Package Content:
1 x 2 Cylinder Stirling Engine Generator with Bulb

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