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Antique Roller Tractor Model with Mini Horizontal Air-cooled Single-cylinder Gasoline IC Engine

Antique Roller Tractor Model with Mini Horizontal Air-cooled Single-cylinder Gasoline IC Engine

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Experience the charm of vintage machinery with this Antique Roller Tractor Model, featuring a mini horizontal air-cooled single-cylinder gasoline IC engine. This model combines exquisite craftsmanship with functional engineering, making it a standout piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Tractor with Antique M16 IC Engine: Powered by a 1.6cc mini horizontal single-cylinder air-cooled gasoline IC engine, this antique tractor captures the essence of classic engineering.

Brass Construction: The IC engine is made of brass, and the tractor incorporates brass, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and a retro aesthetic. This unique build sets it apart from other RC tractors.

Why Special:

  • Equipped with an accelerator, clutch, and three-speed transmission.
  • Capable of moving forward and backward, turning left and right, and operating in neutral.
  • Features brakes and a handbrake on the rear wheels for added control.

Professional Design:

  1. Air-cooling Heat Dissipation Structure: Efficiently dissipates heat using air, simplifying maintenance and operation.
  2. Speed and Control: Includes tape oil for speed adjustment and an accelerator switch for precise engine speed control.
  3. Ready to Run: The gasoline engine, with an ignition voltage of 4.5V, can be started using a high-speed drill, providing a powerful and engaging experience.
  4. Retro & Antique Design: This mechanical marvel combines functionality with vintage aesthetics, making it a perfect high-end gift for model enthusiasts and collectors.

Warm Tips:

  1. If the engine fails to start normally, adjust the carburetor needle.
  2. To achieve the correct gasoline-air mixture, loosen the main oil needle on the carburetor by 1/4 turn and start the flywheel.
  3. Always turn off the power switch when the engine is not in use.


.Material: Brass + Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy
.Form: Ready to Run
.Engine: M16 Horizontal Air-cooled Single-cylinder Gasoline Engine
.Cylinder Diameter: 13mm
.Stroke: 12mm
.Cooling Mode: Air Cooling
.Starting Mode: High-speed Drill Starting
.Ignition Method: Electronic Igniter
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 Thread ME8 Spark Plug
.Lubrication Method: Mix/Splash Lubrication (Gasoline/Engine Oil =25/1)
.Fuel Type: 95# Gasoline
.Engine Oil Type: 2T Engine Oil
.Starting Power: 4.5V AA Batteries *3 (Not Included)
.Vehicle Dimensions: 265mm*161mm*173mm
.Product Dimensions: 26.5 x 16.1 x 17.3cm
.Product Weight: 2300g
.Package Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30cm
.Package Weight: 2500g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package List:
1 x Tractor with IC Engine
1 x Accessory Bag
1 x Instructions

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