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Balance Stirling Engine Model External Combustion Engine for Gift Collection

Balance Stirling Engine Model External Combustion Engine for Gift Collection

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The Balance Stirling Engine Model is an educational and collectible item that allows you to explore the fascinating principles of physics. By manually operating this engine, you can observe the process of gas expansion and compression, enhancing your understanding of how Stirling engines work. Its superior quality and elegant design make it a perfect gift or a high-grade decoration piece.


Superior Quality Materials: The Balance Stirling Engine Model is constructed with top-notch materials. The bottom plate is crafted from imported red bakelite, adding a touch of elegance. The bracket, ventilation piston, connecting rod, and heating head are made of stainless steel SUS304, ensuring durability and resistance to rust. The flywheel and cylinder block are precision machined from aluminum alloy, combining both texture and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the sliding part of the cylinder block features a wear-resistant copper sleeve, enhancing durability. High-precision miniature bearings at the axle joints ensure stability and eliminate the need for lubrication.

Simple Operation: Operating the engine is straightforward. Place the model in a horizontal position and fill the alcohol lamp with alcohol, ensuring it is less than two-thirds full. Use alcohol with a concentration above 95% for optimal performance. Ignite the alcohol lamp at the front end of the test tube. After approximately 30 seconds, turn the flywheel to start the engine.

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel + Quartz Glass
Product Weight: 800g
Package Dimensions: 16.5*8*13cm
Package Weight: 900g
Packing: Box

Package Content:
1 x Stirling Engine Balance Type

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