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Fu Shang Water Jet Kart Boat: The Ultimate Electric Water Karting Experience

Fu Shang Water Jet Kart Boat: The Ultimate Electric Water Karting Experience

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Fu Shang Karting Boat

Electric Karting Boat, Potato Boat

The electric karting boat originated in 2022 from the DIY efforts of foreign mechanical enthusiasts. It quickly gained popularity during a special F1 water race due to its cute and adorable design, powerful motor, and agile maneuvering. At the beginning of 2023, Fu Shang Outdoor launched the domestic version of the 15 kW electric karting boat "Race-E15" after optimizing and improving the prototype from abroad. After multiple iterations, it is currently the only 15 kW karting boat in China that can reach a speed of 52.4 km per hour. Additionally, we have introduced the two-person version "Wave-E20", the enhanced single-person version "Race-E20Plus", as well as single-person and two-person gasoline versions, and a professional hybrid gasoline-electric version for fishing.

Fu Shang Outdoor

Founded by several professional mechanical structure engineers, each boat is designed and completed by our engineers through 3D modeling and fluid simulation. They are also outdoor sports enthusiasts dedicated to creating safer, more energy-efficient, and cooler outdoor products.

Fu Shang Race-E15 Karting Boat

  • Dimensions: Length 2.15 meters * Width 0.92 meters * Height 0.75 meters (suitable for SUV transport)
  • Rated Power: 15 kW
  • Speed: 45-50 km/h
  • Endurance: 1-3 hours (depending on speed)
  • Material: 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Boat Weight: 60 kg (excluding battery, including jet pump)
  • Battery: Power battery, 5C continuous discharge, 65 Ah (actual capacity)
  • Battery Weight: 28 kg (IP67 waterproof rating)
  • Drainage: Negative pressure self-drainage (additional electric drainage can be added)
  • Total Boat Weight: 88 kg
  • Color: Optional (10 colors)
  • Water Areas: Suitable for all water areas, water depth ≥ 50 cm
  • Usage: Fishing, water entertainment, camp operations, personal recreation

Other battery options: 75 Ah, 85 Ah, 100 Ah available.

Not all karting boats are the same. Those designed with fluid optimization are more energy-efficient and faster with the same power. As more imitation and replica boats enter the market, product quality varies, and prices are diverse. Be vigilant and avoid inferior products.

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