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Hit & Miss Engine

Hit & Miss Engine

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Hit & Miss Engine

Vintage Charm, Modern Craftsmanship: Dive into the past with the ENJOMOR 6cc Hit and Miss Engine, a marvel of miniaturized mechanics that embodies a bygone era. Cast in sturdy aluminum alloy and sporting an ancient water-cooled design, this petite powerhouse runs at exhilarating speeds, showcasing its finesse with every cycle.

An Exposed Mechanical Ballet: As a splendid piece of mechanical art, this engine flaunts its gear transmission for all to admire, becoming a captivating centerpiece on any desk. Its operation is not just reliable but also a delight to watch, making it an enticing conversation starter that echoes the spirit of industrial innovation.

Ignition Made Easy – Step by Step: Ready to roar to life with a few simple preparations – power it up with AA batteries, ensure the fuel path is air-free, prime the carburetor, and check the spark. With compression checked and conditions prime, your engine is all set to start.

Key Highlights:

  • An authentic miniature rendition of the hit and miss mechanism, encapsulated in a model that exudes historical nostalgia and is poised to be the jewel of your collection.
  • From its high-speed operation to its remarkable torque, it serves as an outstanding demonstration of engineering principles.
  • This model doesn't just resonate with enthusiasts and collectors; it’s an heirloom that narrates tales of mechanical evolution, waiting to be passed down through generations.
  • Comes complete with all necessary accessories, including a spark plug, CDI igniter, fuel tank, and more – all you need to explore the mechanics behind the magic.
  • A great personalized gift option, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion to delight a mechanical enthusiast or to serve as an educational tool for the curious minds.

Specifications in a Snapshot:

  • Composed of high-grade aluminum alloy, available in classic red or sleek black.
  • Measures a compact 170125112mm and weighs in at a solid 1410g.
  • With a displacement of 6cc, a 120mm bore diameter, and a 20mm stroke, it's built for performance.
  • Equipped with evaporative water cooling and mixed lubrication for smooth running.
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up, inviting both the young and the young at heart to the fascinating world of mechanical engineering.

What's in the Box:

  • ENJOMOR Engine*1
  • CDI Igniter*1
  • Battery Box*1
  • Mini Fuel Tank*1
  • Oil Pipe*1
  • Extra Hall Sensor*1
  • User Manual*1



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