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Horizontal Flywheel Hot Air Stirling Engine High Speed External Combustion Engine Model Toy

Horizontal Flywheel Hot Air Stirling Engine High Speed External Combustion Engine Model Toy

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Science & Education Toy: This model combines education with fun by utilizing Stirling's principle. As an external-combustion engine, it runs steadily and quickly when heated by the alcohol lamp and moving the flywheel, leaving people amazed by its operation.

Mechanical Science Popularization: Observe the entire working process of the engine, understand its structure and principle, and experience the magic of energy conversion. It helps develop practical skills, enhances learning interest, and stimulates creativity.

Excellent Manufacturing: Made primarily from CNC-finished aluminum alloy, the machine features fine surface treatment and a metal base for easy placement and collection. The thickened, unbreakable glass can be heated and run for a long time. The engine's exquisite overall shape combines texture and beauty.

Multiple Uses: This Stirling engine operates on a closed cycle reciprocating engine principle with periodic compression and expansion of gas at different temperatures caused by external heating. It is simple to use and operate, making it an excellent display for physics/mechanical teaching demonstrations, laboratory experiments, gifts, desktop decorations, and more.

Perfect Gift: This impressive artifact serves as a great conversation starter. The elegant color box packaging enhances its appearance and value, making it suitable for children and technology enthusiasts. It's also a perfect gift for family, children, and friends.


.Material: Quartz Glass &Metal
.Product Weight: 470g
.Product Dimensions: 16*8*6.5cm
.Package Weight:550g
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 12+


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