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Stirling Engine Model with LED Motor - M14-03-L

Stirling Engine Model with LED Motor - M14-03-L

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Stirling Engine Model with LED Motor - M14-03-L

Discover the fusion of mechanical innovation and aesthetic design with the M14-03-L Stirling Engine Model, equipped with a LED motor. This model demonstrates the conversion of heat energy into electricity, showcasing the intricate process through the illumination of LED lights.


  • Dynamic LED Motor: Once heated and activated, the machine powers the motor via a pulley system. The motor generates current, lighting up the LEDs that change colors alternately, perfectly illustrating the Stirling engine's operation.
  • Precision Engineering: The 16mm power cylinder and piston are crafted from SUJ alloy steel, undergoing heat treatment and precision grinding with a 0.01mm tolerance. This ensures both gas sealing for internal circulation and smooth piston movement.
  • Robust and Elegant Design: The base, made from 6061 aluminum alloy, undergoes CNC cutting, polishing, and anodic oxidation for a high-end finish. Rejecting cheap plastics and hardware, the model brings a unique visual and tactile experience.
  • Safety First: Equipped with a quartz heating tube, the model operates safely under rapid thermal expansion without bursting, ensuring safety for you and your family.
  • Durable and Stylish Components: The main bracket and hot cylinder connecting rod, made from 6061 aluminum alloy and bearing steel respectively, are precision ground to ensure consistent performance and an everlasting aesthetic.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: M14-03-L
  • Motor Type: Brushed Motor with LED
  • Black Size (LxWxH): 190x100x95 mm
  • Blue Size (LxWxH): 198x100x90 mm
  • Net Weight: 680g
  • Total Weight (With Packaging): 780g
  • Heating Tube Inner Diameter: 19mm
  • Piston Stroke: 16mm
  • Piston Diameter: 16mm
  • Flywheel Diameter: 55mm
  • Pulley Diameter: 25mm
  • Materials: Quartz Tube, Stainless Steel, SUJ Alloy Steel, 6061 Aluminum Alloy (used for Base, Bracket, Flywheel, Heating Cylinder Head, Power Cylinder Head)

Instructions and Safety Precautions:

  • Setup: Carefully read the paper instructions included in the box. Use 95% or higher concentration medical or industrial liquid alcohol for the alcohol lamp, filling no more than two-thirds of the container.
  • Operation: Follow the instructions to correctly load the quartz tube. Ignite the alcohol, heat for about a minute, and manually start the flywheel to get the machine running.
  • Safety Guidelines: Do not oil the cylinder, piston, bearings, or other moving parts. Avoid touching high-temperature parts during operation to prevent burns. Use under adult supervision, especially for children. Place a heat pad between the machine and the desktop to avoid overheating and desktop damage. Be cautious of machine vibration at high speeds to prevent it from falling off the table.
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