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Ugear - Marble Run model kit 4 in 1 Set

Ugear - Marble Run model kit 4 in 1 Set

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Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Ugears Marble Runs 4-in-1 Valentine Season Set!

The Marble Run Chain Hoist, Marble Run Stepped Hoist, Marble Run Tiered Hoist, and Marble Run Spiral Hoist feauture a series of tracks, each with its own unique and fun obstacle or element. Build, play, and watch marbles weave through intricate paths.

Our team of designers created these models as modular elements able to be connected together into a super Marble Run! You can connect any two or four marble runs together with special connectors (included in each kit) for a giant marble amusement park, with a variety of soaring lifts and obstacles to overcome on the descent. The escapement at the end of each set can send the marbles back to the original hoist, to the adjacent marble run, or alternating between the two (you control this with a special weighted switch). 

Let the marble magic begin!

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