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Mech Artisans

【Mech Artisans Only】 Milling Machine Model

【Mech Artisans Only】 Milling Machine Model

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A milling machine primarily refers to a machine tool that uses milling cutters to process a variety of surfaces on a workpiece. The main motion is usually the rotation of the milling cutter, complemented by the movement of the workpiece and the milling cutter for feed motion. It can process flat surfaces, grooves, as well as various curved surfaces and gears.

A milling machine is a machine tool that performs milling operations on workpieces using a milling cutter. In addition to milling flat surfaces, grooves, gear teeth, threads, and spline shafts, it can also process more complex profiles, offering higher efficiency compared to planing machines. It is widely used in mechanical manufacturing and repair departments.

Milling machines are widely used machine tools. On a milling machine, one can process planes (horizontal, vertical), grooves (keyways, T-slots, dovetail slots, etc.), gear parts (gears, spline shafts, sprockets), helical surfaces (threads, spiral grooves), and various curved surfaces. Additionally, they can be used for machining surfaces of rotary bodies, internal holes, and cutting operations. When operating, the workpiece is mounted on a worktable or an accessory such as a dividing head. The rotation of the milling cutter is the main motion, supplemented by the feed motion of the worktable or milling head, enabling the workpiece to obtain the required machined surface. As it involves multi-edge interrupted cutting, milling machines have relatively high productivity. In summary, a milling machine is a machine tool capable of milling, drilling, and boring workpieces.

  • Brand: Mech Artisans
  • Product size: 135x135x170mm
  • Product weight: 1070g
  • Package size 
  • Packing weight 
  • Material: Aluminum alloy brass solid wood glass
  • Power: Electric Type-c charging port
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