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Mech Artisans

【Mech Artisans only】Punching machine model

【Mech Artisans only】Punching machine model

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 The products or parts produced by the punching machine or hydraulic machine tools are called stamping parts, and the basic elements are: stamping power, male die, female die and raw materials of the product (usually sheet metal or wire). Under the action of stamping power, the machine tool drives the opening and closing of the male die and the female die, and the raw materials between them are cut, punched, stretched and other shaping processes for the operating principle of the stamping machine.

  • Product size: 95x95x120mm
  • Product weight: 393g
  • Package size
  • Packing weight
  • Material: Aluminum alloy brass solid wood glass
  • Power: Electric Type-c charging port

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