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Mini 4 Stroke Retro Water-cooled Gasoline Gas Engine

Mini 4 Stroke Retro Water-cooled Gasoline Gas Engine

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Mini Retro Gas Engine 1.6cc Water-cooled IC Engine

This mini gas engine is with water cooled structure, it is an IC engine, because when it rotate, it can cooled by water, it is known as water cooled engine. Retro design, ideal for gift collection.

1, Retro Design: This mini engine is made of brass and stainless steel, looks adorable.
2, Starting Method: There are two ways to start this mini engine: 1), external force (electric drill) . 2), manual starting.
3, Fuel: 95# gasoline
4, Ideal Gift Choice: It can be used as an intuitive view of how the engine works, as a desktop model to play with, and a great personal gift for model enthusiasts

Item Name: Retro Gas Engine
Material: Brass + Stainless Steel + Wood
Powered By: The ignition is powered by 1.5V power supply.
Carburetor : Adjustable
Displacement: 1.6CC
Cylinder Diameter: 13mm
Stroke: 12mm
Wooden Base: 150 x 120 x 30mm
Engine: 104 x 94 x 78mm
Product Size: 15 x 12 x 10.8cm
Product Weight: 1400g
Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 15cm
Package Weight: 1500g
Packing: Box

Engine Startup Steps:
1.Check the wiring of the engine from the wooden base, connect the fuel tank pipeline, and install AA battery(1. 5v).
2.Fill the tank with 95 # gasoline. After the filling is completed, turn the flywheel clockwise on the right side of the engine (power switch surface) for many turns. No air can be generated.
3.Turn on the power switch and quickly rotate the flywheel clockwise on the right side of the engine(power switch surface)to start the engine.

1.If the ignition device is normal and the cylinder compression is normal if the machine cannot start normally, it is very likely that the carburetor oil needle needs to be adjusted.
2.After tightening the main oil needle on the carburetor, loosen 1/4 turn and start the flywheel, so that the mixing ratio of gasoline and air can reach the normal working mixing ratio.
3. When the machine stops, the power switch should be turned off.

Package Including:
1x Mini Retro Gas Engine
2x Engine Spare Parts Start Device

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