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Mini Balance Beam Hot Air Stirling External Combustion Engine Model

Mini Balance Beam Hot Air Stirling External Combustion Engine Model

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This mini balance beam Stirling engine model is an exceptional educational tool and decorative piece, offering a unique blend of science and art that will captivate and educate users of all ages.


Excellent classic work: This is a classic Stirling engine model. Its mini shape is impressive enough, and it feels like a treasure in the palm of your hand. Definitely a fun and imaginative desktop tech toy.

Interactive scientific exploration: Use our Stirling engine to experience the miracle of clean and efficient power. This compact model utilizes the principles of the famous Stirling engine to deliver impressive performance while demonstrating engineering elegance.

High-quality craftsmanship: Made of all metal, reflecting durability and reliability. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy its sophisticated operation for years to come. You will be pleased with its appearance and quality.


Material: brass+stainless steel+aluminum
Color: as shown in the picture
Product form: ready to run (RTR)
Weight: 136g
Overall dimensions: 87*35*56mm
Flywheel diameter: 29mm (including pulley)
Startup method: manual startup
Fuel: 95% alcohol

Packaging list:

Stirling engine*1
Alcohol lamp*1
Instruction manual*1

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