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Ugears - NASA Saturn V model kit

Ugears - NASA Saturn V model kit

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NASA Saturn V

Assemble me. Explore the iconic rocket!

NASA's Saturn V rocket holds records as the tallest, most powerful, and heaviest payload launch vehicle ever built, and is the only rocket to have carried humans beyond low Earth orbit. There were thirteen successful missions using Saturn V rockets: the twelve Apollo missions and the launch of Skylab (the United States' first space station) into low Earth orbit. The Saturn V stood 363 feet (110.64 m) tall (taller than the Statue of Liberty), was 33 feet (10.06 m) in diameter, weighed 6.5 million pounds (2.95 million kg) when fully fueled, and had three separate stages that fired sequentially and separated in flight. Stages one and two had five engines each, stage three had one engine, and all three stages used liquid fuel (the first used RP-1, while stages 2 and 3 used liquid hydrogen) mixed with liquid oxygen (LOX) as the oxidizer.

Ugears' Saturn V model is a 1:170 scale wooden model of the greatest rocket the world has seen. It joins the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, Manned Mars Rover and Mars Rover in the Ugears collection of space exploration vehicles. The model comes with a three-part display stand that allows you to display the model vertically or horizontally, either joined or in separate stages. Each stage has attractive cardboard overlays with "United States" or "USA" and American flag details, with removable panels that allow you to see the internal structure, including labeled fuel and oxidizer tanks. A display card on the stand highlights important facts and details about the Saturn V rocket.

This highly accurate DIY Saturn V rocket model has three stages that can be separated by pressing buttons on the sides of the rocket's body, as well as detachable interstage rings. Concealed within the third stage is the LM (lunar module) with folding legs. As with the actual Apollo missions, the LM can dock with the detachable CM (command module) that sits atop the third stage, just below the LES (launch escape system).

The Ugears NASA Saturn V three-stage rocket is rated "Advanced" level, for experienced builders, and makes a majestic display piece for your living room, bedroom or office. Like all Ugears wooden models and 3D puzzles, the Saturn V and all its component parts assemble without glue, and can be built without special tools, following the step-by-step, illustrated instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). Made from art-quality composite wood, Ugears models can be left in their attractive natural wood state, or colored, stained or painted in a color scheme of your choosing (paints not included). The Saturn V kit includes several spare parts in case of breakage during assembly, and you can always contact our customer service team for additional replacement parts, free of charge (including shipping). We can also answer questions or help troubleshoot if you encounter any difficulties during your build.

This impressive DIY scale model of the greatest rocket the world has known instantly becomes a treasured part of the Ugears NASA collection and the larger catalogue of Ugears 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM Lab model kits. It will be coveted by anyone whose imagination was captured by the Apollo missions, by students of aviation history, space exploration enthusiasts, or by modeling hobbyists who want to add an outstanding showpiece to their collection. Can you imagine a better way to help children become rocket scientists (in the literal or figurative sense) than by helping them build an amazing scale model of the Saturn V, and letting them play and interact with the various stages and modules? Start the countdown to modeling adventure—T-minus 10…9…8…and blast off with Ugears!

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