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Plasma Ball

Plasma Magic Ball

Plasma Magic Ball

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Plasma Magic Ball Collection

Energize Your Space: Discover our Plasma Magic Ball range, a mesmerizing blend of science and art. Available in six vibrant colors — Red, Blue, Aurora, Green, Purple, and Mixed — these orbs offer a dynamic spectacle in three sizes to fit any room: 12.5cm, 15cm, and 20cm.

Interactive Modes: Each globe rests on a classic black base with three modes for various displays. 'On' mode creates a constant glow with touch-sensitive lightning patterns, while the 'Sound-Controlled' setting pulses to the beat of music, with a sensor discreetly placed at the base for optimal sound detection.

A Symphony of Light: Not just a static piece, the Plasma Magic Ball reacts to sound, adding a lively ambiance to your environment. Whether it's for a party or personal enjoyment, these balls are designed to sync with your soundscapes, creating a dance of light that captivates and delights.



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