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Single Cylinder Balance Stirling Engine Model Experiment Set

Single Cylinder Balance Stirling Engine Model Experiment Set

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Explore the fascinating principles of thermodynamics with the Single Cylinder Balance Stirling Engine Model Experiment Set. Designed for both educational purposes and as a captivating scientific toy, this model offers a hands-on way to understand the mechanics of Stirling engines and deepen your interest in physics.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Kit:This set includes a fully assembled engine, an alcohol lamp, and various spare parts: a metal hot cylinder, two glass hot cylinders, a heating piston, two small lamps, a belt, and two sealing rings. These additional components ensure long-term use and easy maintenance.

Excellent Performance:Constructed from high-quality glass material, this engine offers high speed and long-running times without wear. The solid piston design ensures durability and smooth operation.

Innovative Design:Featuring a magnetic positioning alcohol lamp and an engine base equipped with a shockproof pad, this model ensures stable operation and enhances safety during use.

Interactive Learning:The engine operates using 95% alcohol (not included). By observing the entire operational process, users can intuitively understand the principles of the Stirling engine. This model is perfect for science experiments and educational demonstrations, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging.

Operating Principles and Methods:To operate, place the Stirling engine model on a horizontal surface. Fill the alcohol lamp with approximately 2/3 alcohol, ignite it, and gently spin the flywheel to start the engine. The small lamp will light up, demonstrating the engine's functionality and the conversion of heat into mechanical energy.

Tips:1, After using it, please let the engine natural cool. Don't touch the alchohol burner, burned tube or the metal to avoid scald.
2, The Stirling engine model is suit for people over 14 years old. Operate under adults' supervision.

Item Name: Single Cylinder Balance Stirling Engine
Material: Metal + Glass
Size: 16 x 8.8 x 11 cm
Weight: 435g
Packing: Box

Package Content:
1 Set x Single Cylinder Balance Stirling Engine Model

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