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Steam Car Engine Assembly Kit DIY Gift

Steam Car Engine Assembly Kit DIY Gift

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The Steam Car Engine DIY Kit is an engaging and educational project that replicates a steam car engine, operating with an electric motor instead of gasoline. The kit includes 272 metal parts, packaged in a sleek metal box, providing an immersive assembly experience that mimics a professional assembly line process.


High Craftsmanship: Crafted entirely from metal, the steam car engine showcases exceptional quality with CNC precision casting and aluminum alloy oxidation, resulting in a stunning, durable product. The mechanical design is prominently displayed, allowing for a clear view of the transmission process, highlighting the logical and powerful beauty of the mechanism. This makes it an ideal item for gift collections.

Fun Assembly Kit: Comprising 272 pieces, the assembly process takes approximately 4 hours to complete. During this time, builders will gain a deeper understanding of car engine structures. The kit offers a challenging yet rewarding experience, with a difficulty rating of 4 stars, encouraging self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Working Principle: The engine operates electrically, powered by an electric motor and a 500mAh lithium battery. When fully charged, it can run for around 30 minutes, providing a practical demonstration of its working principles.

Ideal Gift Choice: With a competitive price and high-end packaging, this kit makes an excellent gift for friends, family members, colleagues, or oneself. Its unique and engaging nature is sure to be appreciated by recipients.

Recommended Age: Suitable for individuals

Item Name : Steam Car Engine
Item No: DM34
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel + Lithium Battery
Parts: 272pcs
Assembly time: about 4 hours
Assembly difficulty: 4 Star
Lipo Capacity: 500mAh
Charging Voltage: DC 10V-20V
Charging Time: 40 mins
Working time: More than 30mins
Engine Size: 245*107*134mm
Engine Weight: 3.0kg
Age: Kids over 12 years old
Packing: Metal Gift Box

Package Content:
1x Steam Car Engine Build Kit (272 pcs)
1x Charger
1x PUser Manual
1x Metal Box

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