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Stirling Engine Kit Electricity Generator

Stirling Engine Kit Electricity Generator

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1, With generator, 1 LED lights, the baseplate is made of hard solid wood, exquisite atmosphere. The bracket is made of zinc alloy material, which is firm. The flywheel, cylinder liner and shifter piston are made of aluminum alloy finish turning, fine milling, texture and beauty. The connecting rod is made of stainless steel.Power cylinder and hot cylinder are made of glass, transparent and intuitive.
2, The principle of the demonstration is intuitive and clear.The axle joints are all connected by high-precision miniature bearings. The bushings are precision-polished with brass and are stable without lubrication
3, The product is not only suitable for self-assembly and entertainment, but also can be used as a decoration,
and can also be used as a decoration and teaching aid.
4, While Playing, it is natural to think about the principles contained in it, creative thinking is inspired, and your inspiration is constantly emanating in the invisible.Let you rejuvenate. Also, can share the joy of power with people around you and discuss the application prospects that extend it to resonate.
5, It expresses a pioneering spirit, forge ahead, and the main will to fight for entrepreneurship, and has become a representative of the future, entrepreneurship, innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection culture. Giving customers, leaders, friends, husbands or children a good gift and bringing them very surprises.

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Quartz Glass + Hard Solid Wood
Product Dimensions: 18*9*9cm
Product Weight: 340g
Package Dimensions: 25*15*15cm
Package Weight: 360g
Packing: Express Box

Package Content:
1Set x Model
1 x Alcohol Lamp
1 x Lampwick
1 x Add Alcohol Detector

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