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Stirling Engine Model Car Science Education Kid Gift Collection

Stirling Engine Model Car Science Education Kid Gift Collection

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Enhance your understanding of physics and enjoy the interactive experience of building and operating the Stirling Engine Model Car. Perfect for educational purposes, as a gift, or as a collector's item, this model offers both educational value and aesthetic appeal.

Key Features:

High-Quality Materials: The engine is predominantly made of metal, ensuring superior performance and durability. The trolley's bottom plate is constructed from pure metal, providing a firm and stable base, while the rubber wheels prevent slippage. The meticulous craftsmanship results in a smooth, bright surface that resists rust and fading, combining texture with aesthetic appeal.

Easy Disassembly: The engine and car chassis are fastened with screws, allowing for easy separation. If you prefer to use the engine independently, simply remove the car belt, and it functions as a standalone engine model.

Educational and Fun: By engaging in hands-on assembly and operation, users can observe the entire Stirling engine process, gaining a more intuitive understanding of Stirling power generation principles. This interactive experience deepens interest in physics and enhances learning.

Operational Efficiency: To operate, place the engine model horizontally, fill the alcohol lamp with 95% alcohol (not included), and ignite it. The alcohol lamp heats the piston tube, causing the dry air to expand and generate power, driving the engine and car forward. Note: Only use 95% alcohol; do not use water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter oil, or liquor.

Educational Value and Collection Worth: In addition to its educational function, the model's exquisite appearance and high-quality construction make it a valuable collectible and a beautiful decoration.

1, Be careful not to be scald by the high temperature during the operation.
2, 95% alcohol (self-prepared) should be used in the operation.

Material: Aluminium Alloy + Glass
Product Weight: 300g
Packing: Box

Package Content:
1 x Stirling Engine Model Toy

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