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Stirling Engine with Generator External Combustion Engine Model Science Education Toy

Stirling Engine with Generator External Combustion Engine Model Science Education Toy

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This Stirling Engine with Generator External Combustion Engine Model offers not only educational value but also aesthetic appeal and collectible charm. Perfect for both learning and display, it embodies the fascinating principles of Stirling engines in a captivating and tangible form.


High-Quality Materials: Crafted from selected high-quality materials, this engine model is constructed entirely from pure metal. Meticulous polishing enhances its brightness and prevents rust and fading, achieving a dual combination of texture and beauty.

Operation Convenience: During operation, the engine model is placed horizontally, and alcohol is injected into the alcohol lamp. A small amount of alcohol can also be applied to the exposed wick for easy ignition. Safety precautions should be observed while igniting the alcohol lamp.

Efficient Operation: Preheat the engine for one to two minutes using the alcohol lamp. As the lamp heats the piston tube, dry air expands to generate power. Additionally, the flywheel can be assisted by hand to achieve rapid rotation. It is recommended to use 95% alcohol (self-prepared) for operation. Avoid using water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter fluid, or liquor.

Ready-to-Use: The product comes fully assembled and can be used immediately for education and enjoyment. Through hands-on operation, users can observe the entire Stirling engine running process, gaining a more intuitive understanding of the Stirling principle and deepening their interest in physics. Its superior quality and exquisite appearance also give it high collection value, making it a perfect high-end gift.

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Product Weight: 733.8g
Package Dimensions: 15*8*9.5cm
Package Weight: 800g
Packing: Box

Package Content:
1 x Stirling Engine Model Toy

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