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Twin Rotor Wankel Rotary Engine Model Watercooling

Twin Rotor Wankel Rotary Engine Model Watercooling

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.Newly developed rotor engine is so miniature, compact, lightweight and stable as well as nearly vibrationless that can help the promotion of the power from RC model vehicles & airplanes and the minimized weight of mid-size cars and aircrafts for reliable and user-friendly service in any application scenarios.
.The engine is an incredibly stable and powerful choice equipped with 30-teeth inner gear and 20-teeth outer gear in class 6 precision, steel flywheel, and reinforced crankshaft for stunning wear resistance and excellent loading capacity.
.The rotor, made of high-precision alloy, is engineered with a triangular rotor with round sides and an impressively wear-resistant diamond seal design to ensure perfect sealing performance when the triangular tip slides along the wall of the chamber.
.Features a single carburetor for easy adjustment, a sensitive throttle with increasing airflow for more power, and detachable vertical exhaust pipes that allow for subsequent installation of hush pipes to achieve versatile installation and quiet operation.
.This model capable of delivering an exciting playing experience is an astounding gift for rotor engine enthusiasts, a desktop power toy, and can be applied in various RC model scenarios. More applications are waiting to be developed by you who own superior hand dexterity.
.Note: Does not include starter ignition accessories, please purchase separately. The product is not only a toy and requires your technical and manipulative abilities. Please carefully operate the machine to eliminate damage and danger.


.Material: Metal
.Type: RS-L200
.Product Form: Finished Product
.Displacement: 4.92cc(2.46cc*2)
.Rotor Number: Twin rotor
.Carburetor: Single Carburetor
.Compression Ratio: 8.2/1
.RPM: 2200-18500rpm
.Power: 1.46ps@18000rpm
.Weight: 415g (Bare Machine)
.Lubrication Method: Water Cooled
.Starting Method: Electric Starting
.Power Control: 2S-3S Li Batery
.Fuel: 20-25% Nitrofuel
.Product Weight: 415g
.Package Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 15cm
.Package Weight: 655g
.Packing: Gift Box
.Ages: 14+

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