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V8 Engine With Starter Kit Stand and Accessories

V8 Engine With Starter Kit Stand and Accessories

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Includes the kit version engine, ignition accessories, radiator, base set equipped with screws, engine bracket, power switch, starting button, pressure relief tank, metal fuel tank, temperature display, voltage display, and indicator light.


DIY Fun:Made of highly precise parts.Assemble inline with the instructions.Gain a deep understanding of mechanical principles.

High Simulation Miniature:Designed with red sports elements.Highly authentic appearance with a 1:10 scale realistic engine.

Long Stroke:Cross crankshaft design provides higher torque.Customized flexible oil seal maintains sealing performance at high speeds.

Mechanical Water Cooling Pump:Powered by the crankshaft.Provides circulation power for the coolant liquid.Works in conjunction with the cooling fan to enhance self-cooling performance.

Integrated Machining Crankshaft:Built with a 90-degree cross crankshaft structure.Features smoother operation and sensitive acceleration response.Maximum speed up to 12500 RPM.

Precise Rocker Arm:Independent intake and exhaust design.More accurate valve switch.Alloy rocker arm.

Dual Synchronous Pulley:Minimizes the risk of gear jumping during high-speed operation.

Precise Carburetor:Brand new carburetor with a pump.Provides astoundingly accurate adjustment and superior response sensitivity.More stable operation.

Integrated Exhaust Pipe:All-metal exhaust manifold.Produces a more vigorous and powerful sound.

Lightweight:Enables impressive compatibility with RC models.Greatly improves the output ratio of the unit power.

Wide Application:Makes a superb desktop power engine model.Can be used for RC model cars or boats modification.Useful as a teaching aid for physical mechanical experiments.A high-end holiday gift for model enthusiasts.

.Model: FS-V800
.Form: KIT Version
.Scale: 1/10
.Cylinder: V-type 8 Cylinder
.Stroke: 4 Stroke
.Displacement: 28cc (3.5cc* 8)
.Bore: 16.67mm
.Stroke: 17.00mm
.Angle: 90°
.RPM: 1800-12500rpm
.Power: 4.35ps@11200rpm
.Cooling Mode: Water cooling
.Starting Mode: Electric (including starting motor)
.Ignition Mode: 2 4-in-1(or 8-in-1) stabilized ignition modules
.Type of Electric Plug: F-type 4-stroke electric plug
.Lubrication Mode: Splash Lubrication (add a small amount of grease on the cam)
.Fuel Type: 20-25% nitro fuel
.Starting Voltage: 7.4V lithium battery (not included)
.Product Dimensions: 12.34 x 3.2 x 12.73cm
.Product Weight: 2050g
.Package Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 4cm
.Package Weight: 2950g

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