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Vertical Metal Stirling Engine Motor with Alcohol Burner

Vertical Metal Stirling Engine Motor with Alcohol Burner

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This vertical Stirling engine motor offers both aesthetic appeal and functional performance. With its durable construction and safe operation, it's an excellent addition to any collection or educational setup.

Key Features:

Quality Engine: Crafted from high-quality all-metal materials, this Stirling engine motor exhibits exquisite craftsmanship. Its polished and sprayed finish lends it a luxurious texture, making it a beautiful art piece.

Durable Construction: Featuring key parts made of brass and fine coating materials, this engine boasts exceptional durability. The 12mm power piston is constructed from bearing steel, heat-treated, and precision CNC ground to ±0.002mm tolerance, ensuring airtightness and smooth piston sliding for over 10 years of service life. Built to ultra-high industrial standards, it's a prized collectible.

Safe Operation: No need for complex setup or adjustments upon receipt. Simply ignite the alcohol burner, and the engine is ready to run safely and without pollution. It can drive colorful LEDs for an aesthetically pleasing display.

Versatile Application: Ideal for model enthusiasts, laboratory teaching aids, children's puzzles, and as gifts for friends, this engine offers a wide range of applications, inspiring DIY projects and educational exploration.

Material: Alloy Steel + 7075 Aluminum Alloy + Brass
Flywheel Diameter: 65mm
Belt Pulley Diameter: 25mm
Power Piston Stroke: 16mm
Generating Voltage: 4-9v
Product Size: 9*5.6*10.5cm
Product Weight: 370g
Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:
1 x Vertical Stirling Engine
1 x Metal Alcohol Burner

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